GAS DISTRIBUTION MECHANISM - combustion engines
Specific purpose / objectives:

1. The main objective is to preserve the nature and the environment and improving the environment worldwide.
For this purpose, keep the engine parameters, although there is wear. During the operation of the device and the end of his life, do not change the technical characteristics. This is the device is the self and wear offset constant.
2. As a consequence, not increased fuel consumption when the device is worn and does not increase the exhaust gas.
Exhaust gases are about 50-60% less than current.
3. This gas distribution mechanism allows piston engine to go to the theoretical top dead center, and it is now possible to design diesel engines with larger pre-chamber, which will contribute to the economical and clean diesel engines.
4. This gas distribution mechanism allows designers to construct larger inlet and outlets of existing distribution mechanisms, which will contribute to higher efficiency. Side effects: better filling of the engine, increasing power and reducing fuel consumption, reduce harmful exhaust emissions and engine starting easy.
5. The maximum speed of the crankshaft will no longer be limited by gas - distribution mechanism.
6. The breaking of angrenazhnya belt and most rod, there is no damage to the gas - distribution mechanism.
7. By the end of life of the engine is not blocked valve gasket seal and open the suction and discharge, as set out in the proceedings.
8. The design is highly reliable and quiet.
9. Patent is the first time offered on the market.
10.Conditions of sale are subject to agreement between seller and buyer.
11.Has developed other inventions.
Details are not given in this description as they are confidential.
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